About Us

Marvin living it up in Croatia

I didn’t know it then but about 30 years ago I planted a seed. That seed was in the form of a Weber Smokey Joe Grill. At that time my then wife and I would take our 2 year old daughter to Lake Elizabeth to ride the paddle boats, after which I would fire up the Weber and grill us some lunch.

As I look back I realize that all of the years since then I’ve been nurturing that seed. It’s grown from that little Smokey Joe to bigger Weber’s grills, to large grills with off-set smokers. Grilling started to become a passion, which led me to start cooking for the family holiday get-togethers, 4 th of July, Memorial and Labor Day. I cooked for friends as well as strangers at tailgate parties.

People started to ask “Do you have a restaurant?” Then they offered to pay me to cook for them.

I then realized that over those same years I’d been nurturing me. All of those opportunities to cook allowed me to developing my technique and style, to learn about different methods of grilling and barbecuing and experimenting with seasonings and rubs.

That seed, that little Smokey Joe, along with years of seasoned practice has grown into Que Squared Barbecue and Catering. I have perfected the formula and take great pride in knowing that those who have hired me to cater their special events as well as those who have purchased a plate or a sandwich from me at a public event all know that Que Squared Barbecue is a high quality product with a consistent taste and experience. Que Squared is the next level of barbecue.